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Blueberry Village

Blueberry Village

The idyllic blueberry village of Enzklösterle is located between Pforzheim and Freudenstadt in the Northern Black Forest. The fir forests around Enzklösterle offer an ideal breeding ground for the blueberries that grow abundantly in this area. They formerly secured the living of whole families.

Blueberry Festival

Back then as today, the health significance of the blue forest fruit is well-known, as, besides its wonderful taste, it strengthens the immune system, has anti-inflammatory properties, supports weight reduction and helps counteracting stress. Blueberries are a true source of health, whether fresh from the shrub, dried, prepared as tea or as part of a cake.

Blueberry Trail

Would you like to see the blueberry grow up? Then you are on our two hiking tours just righ.