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Dancing at Enzklösterle

In hardly any other tourist destination is the subject dancing so rooted as in the climatic health resort Enzklösterle. It was here, that dance sport developed to a significant pillar in the tourism industry, which also shaped the development of the national dance sport. Even today does Enzklösterle represent a further qualification in german dance sport because of its famous advanced education sessions for dancer, trainer and assessment jury.

The subject dancing is tightly associated with Enzklösterle for almost 50 years.

The first training camp which is now known as the ‘Tanzmühle’ (dance mill) was founded by Mr Helmut Schäfer in 1963 for amateurs couples of the upper performance classes. With the participation of 38 couples this was a major success and enhanced the following years up to 120 couples in two weeks. The name ‘Tanzmühle’ resulted from the media who referred to the many mills in the Black Forest.

The first ‚dance hotel’ in Germany was opened on 1.July 1972.

Mr. Schäfer became Honorary Citizen of the municipal Enzklösterle on the 16th of August 1968 for his achievements at the tourism destination.

The ‘Tanzmühle’ Enzklösterle had especially gained on reputation because of the Federal Press Conference with up to 120 reporter, as well as radio and national TV.

Mr. Schäfer was in addition head official for the competitions of the „Deutschen Amateur-Turnieramt“ (German amateur competition) with more than 6,000 amateur dancer, as well as presidium member of the „Allgemeiner Deutscher Tanzlehrer-Verband“ (German Dancing Teacher Association).

The multiple world champion in professional standard dancing Bill and Bobby Irvine could be brought to Enzklösterle at the end of the 1960s. In the following years more European and world champions could be welcomed as guests in Enzklösterle.

The ‚winter and summer dance weeks‘ with adjoining contest weekends in summer, link the present with the tradition. Besides does the „Tanzsportverband Baden-Württemberg“ (Dance Sport Association) its annual tutorial „Super Kombi“ for assessment judges and trainer with about 400 people at the festival hall in Enzklösterle - in 2012 the 25th anniversary was celebrated.

Dance packages in hotels address also hobby dancer and those who like to dance occansionally and enjoy dancing and a social get-together.